Blackboard 55

54,000.00 + 18% GST

The Ultimate Collaboration Tool for Education & BusinessBlackboard™ by Boogie Board® is a large electronic writing surface designed for collaboration. Always on and ready to use, Blackboard 55 writes with liquid crystal ink for the world’s most satisfying electronic writing experience. No startups, no lags, and no delays. It writes and erases with simplicity, speed, and clarity never before seen in front of a room. Blackboard is a game changer that lets anyone and everyone come together to write naturally without tools or instructions. Blackboard is an open invitation to join in. Blackboard is the ultimate collaborative tool.



  • 55″ Writing Surface
    This is a lightweight, portable design and weighs just 9kg. Mounts on the wall with ease.
  • Write with Anything
    Write with the inkless Blackboard Pen, or write with anything. Even your fingernail.
  • One-Touch Erase
    No training. Simply write naturally and erase with a touch of a button.
  • Private & Secure
    Perfect for high-security environments. No ghosting, no paper trail.
  • No mess
    No dust, no messy markers, no dirty board. No need to erase as you go.