Scribble n Play LCD ewriter

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Writes Like Pen on Paper

Doodle, write and play with Boogie Board Scribble n’ Play. With its ultra-portability and single touch erase feature, the device is ideal to use at everywhere you go such as home, car rides, restaurant, picnic etc. The board is made extremely durable with an assured battery life up to 5 years.

Includes: LCD writing screen with colorburst with grip case, 4 creative styluses.

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Featuring the Colorburst display technology that will make your drawings look vibrant. The grip case designed exclusively for kids to hold effortlessly. Includes 4 creative styluses with unique patterns. The durable design comes with a replaceable coin-cell battery that lasts for 5 years.

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The high contrast writing allows the Scribble n’ Play App to scan the surface, separate the writing from the background and create a color file for you to edit, save and share. The App automatically locates the Scribble n’ Play outline or you can control the scanning yourself in manual mode.

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